Wednesday April 19, 2017


You’re invited to a Goodbye Potluck April 30th at the Masonic Hall @ 1pm. Lou Foxworthy has sold his house in Goodyears Bar and is moving to Dayton, Nevada and he will be missed. Bring your favorite dish to share and a story or two to tell. Feel free to spread this information and you can RSVP to Joyce at 530-289-3250 or email her at by April 24th. Come and enjoy the Music, Friends, Fun and of course the Food. Hope to see you there.

Gosh, Bill O’Reilly was fired today from Fox News after the many harassment cases brought against him resulted in advertisers fleeing the network. That’s sad, this isn’t about the Fox network doing the right thing to protect women and victims of sexual or any harassment, this demonstrates that the only thing that matters to those in charge is money. No concern has been given to the humanity that was affected by O’Reilly’s deplorable actions, lost jobs, self esteem and unimaginable consequences for the victims of harassment in the workplace. But money talks, and we need to remember this, boycotting products that support this type of behavior appears to be the only thing that works. So lets get to work and let our money talk.

Lots of local news and events to read about, the Board of Supervisors, columnists Mel Gurtov, Tom Hastings, John LaForge and Robert Koehler have information for us. Henry checks in and the Easter Gallery is here, the Weekly Warrior by Niles Bosworth has a plethora of information about what’s going on in Downieville.

The photo this week was taken by Mary Davey showing what April looks like in Sierra City..

Aircraft Missing in Sierra County 4/19/16


Missing Aircraft Search in Sierra County, CA Shortly after midnight on April 18, 2017 the Sierra County Sheriff’s Office was notified by the State of California Office of Emergency Services of an overdue aircraft. The aircraft, a Socata TB-20 Trinidad, tail #N28070 departed from the Truckee-Tahoe Airport in Truckee, CA with two persons on board at approximately 4:00 pm on Monday. Family members reported the aircraft overdue that evening when the aircraft did not arrive at its destination of Petaluma Municipal Airport.

The four-seat low wing aircraft has a dark blue colored upper, gold trim, and white lower. Although it is equipped with an emergency locator transmitter, no satellite hits have come in from the beacon. The beacon is also capable of transmitting a localized low-power signal, however no signal has been heard.

The Civil Air Patrol and U.S. Air Force Rescue Coordination Center conducted radar analysis and cellular phone forensics overnight which narrowed the search to an area located near Yuba Pass Road between Webber Lake and Jackson Meadows in Eastern Sierra County. Search response was delayed until daylight Tuesday morning due to inclement weather and the general remoteness of the search area.

The Sierra County Sheriff’s Office Search & Rescue team as well as members of the U.S. Forest Service based out of Sierraville, CA deployed members on snowmobiles but were unable to reach the search area due to the condition of the snow pack. The Civil Air Patrol responded with rescue volunteers from Palo Alto and Sacramento. Multiple Civil Air Patrol aircrafts and the California Highway Patrol helicopter H-20 performed aerial searches over the search area when weather permitted and until sundown but were unable to locate the aircraft.

On Wednesday April 19, 2017 at approximately 6:00 a.m. search efforts resumed involving the Sierra County Sheriff’s Office Search & Rescue team, multiple Civil Air Patrol aircrafts, California Highway Patrol helicopters H-20 and A-23, and the addition of the Nevada County Sheriff’s Office Nordic Team. Passengers of the aircraft were reported to be pilot Brenda Richard and her husband Mark Richard.

Weekly Warrior by Niles Bosworth 4/19/17


The students are all off to Spring Break starting Friday, April 14 after the minimum day!

This last week Mrs. Galan’s class studied the butterfly life cycle, made butterflies in art, and their caterpillars arrived for the students to learn about caterpillars turning into butterflies. In Kindergarten they learned about staying safe in different types of weather. In first grade, they are learning about how life was different in the past. And in second grade, students are learning what makes different parts of the world different.

Ms. Maire’s class is having an exciting time learning about geometry. The students are also looking into Lewis and Clark, as well as learning about the Westward Expansion. The elementary is enjoying their dance rehearsals with Kathy Fischer in preparation for the pre-show at the Downieville high school drama class’ spring play in June.

Mr. Ludi Hinrichs is the new elementary music teacher, and he always has a smile on his face. He loves working with the kids and is happy that kids want to learn music. He loves the kids’ great participation. He is very thankful to BJ Jordan for recommending him to the school. He has always been interested in music, and in 6th grade he first started playing the trumpet. He played the trombone and piano in high school as well. It is thanks to the Sierra County Arts Program that he is able to teach and be here at Downieville School.

A WASC (Western Association of Schools and Colleges) team visited from April 3-5 to do an evaluation on our school. The team interviewed teachers, students and community members and observed classroom activity.

The California Poet Laureate Dana Gioia spoke at the Yuba Theatre on April 4. He recited his own poems as well as the poetry of other poets. Everyone enjoyed the poems he wrote and read about California. As California Poet Laureate, his goal is to visit all the counties in California, and so far he’s visited about 20 out of the 58 counties.

The yearbook class had a work party on April 5th in order to finish the yearbook. The yearbook class met in Mr. Corcoran’s classroom after school and stayed late to get the yearbook done before the deadline. Mr. Corcoran provided snacks and the students worked hard to get the book ready for publication. For early purchase and to reserve a copy of the 2017 Echo, contact Downieville School at 289-3473 and ask Mr. Corcoran for prices.

On April 10, SSF (Sierra Schools Foundation) and SPJUSD put on “Screenagers”, which is a documentary about the use of social media for students. It helped show parents the negative effects of phones and social media on kids’ schoolwork, study habits, and overall behavior. The parents who attended said the presentation was very informative and they were glad it was shown.

The tennis team has had two matches the past two weeks against Quincy and Paradise Adventist. Against Quincy, Sierra Folsom and Megan Parker; Hunter Davey and Jacob Rust; and Kaylon Hall and Niles Bosworth all won their doubles matches! Sierra and Niles both won their singles matches. Against Paradise, Sierra and I won our doubles and Sierra won her singles, which caused us to win the match against Paradise. We are currently second in the league.

Golf has been practicing in Grass Valley and working hard towards their upcoming matches. The boys playing have enjoyed learning a new sport. The coach is Tom Potter, with students Rosendo Marquez, Arroyo Campbell, and Ramon Nevarez on the team.

Last Tuesday, April 11, we had a motivational speaker, Fred Penney, come and talk to the high schoolers about being successful. He made the presentation fun and let us know that we can achieve anything no matter where we come from. He was from a small town, not much bigger than our own, of 600 and had bad grades for most of his school career, with a GPA of about 2.3 until halfway through his junior year, when he stepped it up and achieved a 4.0 GPA. He got accepted into law school and now he is extremely successful and has his own law firm, as well as stocks in many other companies including racecars and Sunsplash. He taught us about saving our money and staying confident, but not getting a big head.

B-Street Theater came back to Downieville on April 12. They are an organization that presents short plays, many of which are written by young students and developed by B-Street into short exciting plays. This event was held in the Yuba Theatre and community members were welcomed to watch along with the student body.

Mark your calendars for the 10th Annual Cancer Awareness Walk, scheduled for Saturday, May 13. Registration starts at 8:30 am and the Walk commences at 9:00 am from the school gym. Following the Walk, for which there are a selection of routes, there will be a salad bar luncheon and raffle prizes. Skin checks will be available and participants are invited to make prayer flags. All proceeds from the Walk’s $10 donations and additional raffle ticket sales will go to help alleviate costs incurred by local cancer patients. Downieville’s CSF and CJSF students are sponsoring the Walk on behalf of Sierra Frontier Medical Resources, Inc., a local non-profit organization that administers the funds r

District Attorney Cases 4/19/17

Sierra County District Attorney
Lawrence R. Allen
District Attorney / Public Administrator
530.289.3269 530.993.4617


Mary Mulligan (54) Loyalton. Violation of probation by consumption of alcohol. Five days jail, reinstated on probation.

Valerie Robertson (59) Loyalton. Violation of probation by use of methamphetamine. Terminated from drug court, reinstated on probation.

Steven Goicoecha (61) Loyalton. Driving with a blood alcohol of .08 or above. Three years probation, two day jail, fine $1885, and alcohol school.

Lisa Melton (53) Loyalton. Under the influence of a controlled substance. Admitted to drug diversion program.

Parris Holmes-Clayborn (26) Oakland. Driving while suspended. Twenty-four months probation, one day jail, and a fine of $962.

Hannah Ashley (36) Guerneville. Sentencing after a plea to kidnapping, two counts of first degree (residential) burglary, child endangerment, and eluding an officer. Ashley was convicted of charges in connection with an Amber Alert from Sonoma County wherein she kidnapped her 8 month old son who had been legally taken from her custody. This ended in Downieville after a high speed chase where she eluded a Sierra County Deputy, and thereafter breaking into two local residences. State prison 7 years 8 months, and a fine of $2855.

Christine Kruck (59) Truckee. After a contested preliminary hearing, Kruck was ordered to stand trial on felony driving under the influence after she was arrested on Highway 89 for DUI and having suffered three prior convictions within the past ten years. She remains in custody in lieu of $75,000 bail.

Justin Duncan (42) Sierraville. Driving with a blood alcohol level of .08 or above. Three years probation, two days jail, fine $1925, and alcohol school.

Thomas Stafford (30) Loyalton. After a contested preliminary hearing, Stafford was ordered to stand trial on felony charges of resisting arrest with force, armed with a weapon (knife), felon in possession of a firearm, two counts of misdemeanor resisting / delaying officers, and being under the influence of methamphetamine. He remains in custody in lieu of $130,000 bail.

Zachary Manning (37) Loyalton. Petty theft and drunk in public. One year probation, fine $500, and must attend AA sessions.

Robin Bolle (49) Downieville. Reckless driving. Fine $845.

Susan Ramsey (53) Reno. Driving while suspended, and failure to appear. Eighteen months probation and fine $1613.

Jacob Marsh (19) Loyalton. Sentencing on a guilty plea to secretly recording another while in a state of undress. Two years probation, one day jail, fine $450, and must attend counselling,

Joseph Delfuante (32) Yuba City. After a trial by court, he was found guilty to leaving a campfire unattended, and he was place on one year probation with a fine of $451.

Melissa Parsons (26) Reno. After a contested preliminary hearing, Parsons was ordered to stand trial on felony charges of battery causing serious bodily injury. She if free on her OR.

Easter Bunny Gallery 4/19/17

ICS 300 Training 4/19/17

Just a reminder of the upcoming ICS 300 training in May. I am following up with this due to Lori having left to work for State OES. Please fax or email me your registration from the attached flyer. For those that have already sent them in, thank you.

ICS300 Flyer 2017

Tina Venable, RN, PHN Director of Nursing Plumas County Public Health Agency
530-283-6346 direct line  530-283-6110 fax

Focus on Shooter Training 4/19/17

Free training opportunity – 2 EMS/BRN CEs




MONDAY, MAY 15, 2017 / 1000 – 1230

Flyers and registration forms are attached. Email or fax completed forms to me at  TRAIN THE TRAINER ACTIVE SHOOTER REGISTRATION FORM


Mountain Messenger (dirty tricks) 4/19/17

The Mountain Messenger is getting loony in it’s elder age…. there was a knock on my door and two young ladies were there suggesting that I go have lunch with them at Coyoteville. One of the young ladies was the daughter of Milly, I believe her name is Melody and the other was the daughter of Jerri, someone who works collecting taxes, and I believe her daughter’s name is Alice. They told me Milly would buy my lunch. This seemed very suspicious to me, as Milly knows that Wednesday is deadline day for the Prospect so that I publish in the evening and they publish in the morning, it seemed as though she wanted to throw a fly in my ointment. Well it certainly wasn’t Alice or Melody’s fault and I thanked them for the invitation and then loaned them my vehicle so they could drive to lunch as obviously their own Mother’s were unwilling to go to that length. They had a good lunch and my car was returned in one piece. So be careful about lunch invites from Milly.

4/19/17 Patrick at Coyoteville offers some ice tea to Alice and Melody. Patrick loves vegetables.

Send anything you need published to Milly, the CEO and most important person in the office, at or you may call directly to 530 289-3262 and talk to Don, (and suggest he give a raise to Jill, Milly’s secretary). For a subscription: send in as below or call 530 289-3262 with credit card in hand.. Write to Don Russell at and tell him you subscribed because you read about it on Sierra County Prospect…..

Health Coordinating Mtg 4/19/17

The next quarterly Sierra County Health Coordinating Committee (SCHCC) meeting will be Tuesday April 25th in Downieville at 10am. If possible bring a potluck item to share. The Masonic Hall has a full kitchen.

Our speaker will be the Medical Director of NorCal EMS, Dr. Eric Rudnick. He will be conducting a one hour Tabletop Exercise Ebola Transport Drill as part of the meeting (1-CE available EMS/BRN).

Exercise Objectives will include:

• Review of the regional transportation plan.

• Discussion of the protocol for Treatment, Transportation, Destination Determination, and Notifications for confirmed or suspected EVD patients.

• Discussion of the protocols for waste management.

Everybody is welcome at these meetings. Agenda and January meeting minutes are attached. Let me know if you have any questions.

LeTina Vanetti – Sierra County Public Health -Emergency Preparedness Coordinator

Office 530-993-6737  or email:

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